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 Meet Stephanie

   Stephanie moved to Seattle a decade ago for esthetics school, and within 6 years she built a following with her results-driven treatments, straightforward approach, meticulous practices and a deep commitment to serving her clients. She loves art, science, psychology and is a curious creature to her core.

   She stepped into the role as a business owner when she opened Sapien Aesthetics in 2017, and has been determined to solve the problems she sees in her industry ever since. Stephanie is a lifelong nerd and continually seeks the best science, information, mentors, skills and tools in order to serve to the clients she adores.

   When she's not at work you can find her wandering around the city, hitting up local parks and museums along the way. Follow her on instagram @_stephaniepowers_


 Meet Jess

   After pursuing her degree in fine arts, Jess came to Seattle to cultivate her creativity. She enrolled in an apprentice program at Sapien after being a dedicated client because she wanted to learn more about skincare and express her appreciation for beauty. Jess will graduate the apprentice program with 1300 more hours than the state requirements, a Washington State Esthetics License, and lots of close mentorship and hands-on experience in the real world. All of this while being paid a fair and living wage (instead of paying tuition!) so she can start her career on the right foot.
   Jess is happily self-partnered and living with her canine companion in their Capitol Hill bungalow. When she isn’t at Sapien Aesthetics, you can catch her at a yoga class, an art museum, with her nose in a book or wielding her psychic powers to control the minds of men. Follow her on Instagram @jessthetica