Indulging in Sephora Sales - Finding Makeup That's Good For Your Skin

Indulging in Sephora Sales - Finding Makeup That's Good For Your Skin

The annual Sephora holiday sales are upon us, marking one of the most exciting times of the year for beauty lovers. With major discounts on beloved brands, it's easy to get caught up in the frenzy of retail therapy. However, as fun as it is to stock up on makeup staples, the ingredients in many mainstream beauty products can wreak havoc on sensitive skin. Not all makeup marketed as “clean” or skincare-based is actually formulated with the unique needs of each skin type in mind. This holiday season, resist the urge to impulse buy just because it's on sale. Instead, booking a skincare consultation with a professional can help you learn which products will complement your complexion rather than compromise it. Here are some skincare-friendly finds Sapien Skin & Beauty loves that you can shop with confidence this holiday sale season.  

When purchasing skincare and makeup, it’s essential to know that products marketed as “clean” or “natural” are not always formulated for sensitive skin. Blanket terms on packaging are not regulated, so they rarely indicate that a formula avoids problematic ingredients. Skin is too individual for one-size-fits-all products. Additionally, Sephora’s pricey skincare lines lack the medical-grade active ingredients and science-backed delivery systems found in professional products. For true transformation, medical skincare distributed through experts, not retailers, is required. Professional products recommended by dermatologists and estheticians contain therapeutic doses of actives for optimal results. Don’t expect Sephora skincare to solve persistent skin issues. But tailored professional treatments and products can.

That being said, it's understandable that the excitement of taking advantage of Sephora’s famous holiday sales and discount events like Black Friday is part of the fun! Retail therapy just feels different when you know you're getting a good deal. Buying beauty products for holiday gifts and friend swaps is the best with markdowns. Skincare experts don’t want to discourage clients from enjoying the thrill of beauty bargains – that would take the joy out of the shopping experience! Just be wary of getting sucked into hype around products that make big claims but won't actually benefit your skin. Setting a guideline for discounted makeup splurges, then trusting your esthetician for the skin-transforming treatments and products only available through those professionals allows clients to have the best of both worlds! Sephora’s holiday deals understandably incite retail therapy excitement. But balance sale splurges with expert skincare to nourish your skin year-round. Let a professional guide you toward transformative ingredients and treatments not carried by Sephora. With the right regimen, you can enjoy holiday beauty deals without sacrificing your complexion.  

First thing first- you want makeup to enhance and not cover up your skin so start with a solid foundation. Here are our bestsellers to give you a flawless canvas:


Use the Simply Clean by Skin Ceuticals

Simply Clean by Skin Ceuticals

to wash away debris, oil and makeup. This powerhouse yet gentle cleanser contains enzymes and acids to help retain moisture. It's good for all skin types, morning and night. Apply to damp skin, massage gently, then rinse.


Treatment Apply Alpha Ret Clearing or Alpha Ret for anyone who is an exfoliation and or retinoid newbie

It provides improvement in texture so you don't have to use primers to smooth, and it increases hydration, discoloration, clogged pores and breakouts in time. This is a night only product and you'll need to use a moisturizer and cleanse your skin in the morning, as well as wear spa (of course).

Use Dermal Repair for medium weight, all-in-one anti aging, anti dark spot and anti redness treatment and moisturizer containing HSA which calms and plumps. This is for everyone and is a great day and night crsam. If you're extra dry or acclimating to retinoids or just like a thicker night cream, go with Triple Lipid Restore. This is great as a night cream for everyone but really oily and acne prone skin, and is a good day cream for dry and aging skin. Mix this with a retinoid at night to combat dryness and you'll thank me.

Eye Cream

Treat the delicate eye area with Growth Factor Eye Serum. This baby moisturizes, smooths, tightens and plumps for an all around winner. Gently pat around the entire eye area night or day.

It's crucial to wear SPF daily.Extreme Protect 30 is our best selling spa because it hits all the right notes: balmy and hydrating, soothing, and effective. Apply liberally 15 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply every 2 hours.


This classic Exfoliating Polish is great for smoothing flakes and evening out texture. This is not an everyday thing for most people, and you have to find your balance.

 Okay and now to to the good skin guide for Sephora Sale!

If you want to indulge in the Sephora sales without wreaking havoc on your skin, focus on makeup products that use non-comedogenic ingredients. Here are some top sale picks our Sapien skincare experts recommend:

With guidance from a skincare expert, it’s possible to shop Sephora’s epic holiday sales while still choosing products that benefit your skin. Learn your ideal ingredients and formulations through a customized consultation. Then you can enjoy discounted makeup treats without sacrificing your skin health. This holiday season, take a balanced approach to retail therapy. Book an appointment with a professional to discover your perfect skincare regimen while indulging in mindful beauty buys from Sephora’s holiday sales events.